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“Xeratec continues to be a great partner, delivering a quality product in a cost effective and timely manner.”

Matthew Kangas Engineer, Somero Enterprises

  ”Xeratec performed some work on our system to create a new table and web interface for our adjustment factors. Previously the input of adjustment factors was a fairly involved process using Excel and would require 2 refreshes of other spreadsheet in order to see the changes made by the added adjustment factors. With the new interface the effects were seen immediately and we have the ability to enter an adjustment factor directly or we can input the adjusted value and allow the system to calculate the adjustment factor based on what is in the system (raw data). In addition Xeratec created a virtual table giving the adjusted values so that we could link other spreadsheets to the adjusted numbers instead of us creating calculations outside of the database that would use the adjustment factors. I would say that the system built reduced the work required by the old process by about 80% from what we had initially”.

Mark Martinez | Engineer – Data Management

  “We’ve partnered with Steve and his crew on a variety of long-term projects. The remote development team is technically capable, highly professional, and fit right in with our agile teams. Xeratec is easy to do business with: their contracts are tailored to our needs and requirements and our customer contact connects with us frequently to make sure our needs are met, and any problems are addressed right away. I look forward to many more years of our great business relationship.”

Saul Rodriguez

“We partnered with Xeratec years ago to deliver technical development to improve our overall business functions. Our experience has been very positive. Xeratec has responded rapidly when needed to maintain and develop our technical solutions and keep our systems relevant to the changing needs of the business”.

Cliff Cook | Director of I.T.
M.J. Electric
product Development
“Almost a year ago I had this idea of creating an app that would track the daily activities of a dump truck driver to include automating the billing process. This was not going to be an easy task. From day one Xeratec’s developers sat down with us and began working out user stories and asked a thousand questions; which was encouraging because it reassured me that they wanted to know exactly what we were after in a mobile app. The balance between developer assertiveness and keeping our team in the driver seat was perfect. After our initial product was ready for the market the Xeratec development team did not stop. On my first live client training, when the pressure was on, Steve Kangas, a Xeratec developer, sat on the other end of the country behind a desk on standby. I had a few tough critics and they wanted a subtle change to a particular process and through a couple texts to Steve he started working out the changes immediately; and before the training was over I was able to show the drivers the change they requested real time. This responsiveness to the clients demands won them over. We could not have been successful with our product without the relentless teamwork driven from day one from Xeratec”.

Owner,  LoadTraxx
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